Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween, Where are You?

I don't especially appreciate being made a fool by anyone or anything, especially a calendar and its annual tricks it plays on me. I try to outsmart time by preping myself well in advance for changes of years, ages and holidays.

This year, in the spirit of unintentional self-sabotage, I went into overdrive and began missing timely landmarks altogether. By the time my 23rd birthday came, I had been telling people and myself I was 23 for so long to get used to the idea, I thought I had turned 24. I'm still trying to get over that one. I'm 23, I'm 23, I'm 24. Oops.

Since my character requires me to continually make the same mistakes over, I have been telling myself it is Christmas season for so long to be sure I not miss it when it actually comes, I keep forgetting to acknowledge Halloween at all. (Put the light sabers on clearance already!)

But since my dad's character requires him to solve all my (and the world's) problems before I even tell him about them*, he sent me this photo from his phone of his and my mom's afternoon walk today (bless them):

If my mom's purple shirt, black sleeves, and orange cardi don't put me in the spirit of All Hallow's Eve**, then nothing will. But don't worry Dad, it does. Happy Halloween.

... it's 2010, it's 2010, it's 2010.

*See also complexes for which I will find myself single at 40.

**Thanks for teaching me about this, Hocus Pocus


jonny said...

i feel as if i skipped 24 altogether. even though i won't be 25 for another month....

Laura Hendricks said...

maggie. through janes post just now, she led me to her sisters blog about some shoes. since i was there, i scrolled dowm and eventually got to some pictures of you, jane, and a couple others in the summer time. reason for telling you this is...your bod is amazing. you are wearing jean shorts and i stared at your legs for a very long time. they are so toned and i am just blown away. how did you? what did? huh? i'm positive this is old news to all of your friends but i don't think i see you enough so how would i know you have perfect legs?