Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I like winning things. I also like falling into categories of people I abhor (i.e. monopolizing and applying generic, innate human qualities to one's own personal personality traits. I'm Maggie, I like free stuff and being happy.)

Nonetheless, I've been in the business of winning things for most of my life. I usually shoot for things I know I can win. Like a compliment from a homeless person. Or a 'drawing' that turns out to be a 'sign-up'. A win's a win.

When I was 11, I entered my name into a box for free glamour shots 23 times (the number of times time would allow it took for my mom to finish her grocery shopping.) I was 11 and this was before I knew pre-pubescent photo documentation was a bad idea. So I 'won' a free glamour shot, along with all the other gals who signed up*.

I still pine to win things and enter into every blog give away I can get my paws on. It hasn't been working so I'm doing a little karma experiment. I'm giving away a 5x7 photo of this: my glamour shot of 11-year-old winner Maggie.

(Don't worry it's not the original. That still remains in a drawer locked away for my husband's work desk as the only photo I will ever allow him to show his friends/co-workers of me. If that doesn't work out, Dad, it's all yours). All you have to do is leave a comment with your email address, or email me directly at I'll draw the winner in a week. Or two. Or however many it takes for a member of the Wright family to enter. Or Bradshaw family. Or Franz family (I won't hold my breath).

You can only enter once... Wes... Rachel... everyone...

*I'd like to think that my mom 'won' Mother of the Year when she dropped me off at the Holiday Inn with my best friend, Carmen, two overweight waitresses and a photographer in a room with no beds and a box of feathered boas.

Sunday, November 8, 2009