Thursday, July 31, 2008

Se7en Things to Do

They're lofty... but I've got SEVEN weeks, to accomplish SEVEN goals, and yeah... it's possible.  Thanks Clark!

1.  Re-create my own moon landing in the desert of Arizona... with Blake... because it was his idea.
2.  Become a conspiracy theorist and an idea stealer... simultaneously.
(Two birds.  One stone. Catch 22)
3.  Watch all 250 TED talks and then give a speech about it.
4.  Finally have an established relationship status on Facebook that shows up on mini-feed for all my friends to see and ask about with the aid of inquisitive (and ever-adorable) emoticons 
5.  Learn Fergies "My Humps" in American Sign Language and then teach it to all the deaf Young Women in my ward as a service project
6.  Drive around town asking as many joggers as I can find if they need a ride
7.  Memorize and entire episode of Friends and, changing only inflection of voice, communicate an entire day by only using the memorized dialogue start to finish... at work.
7b.  Get fired.

Wish me luck.


jonny said...

you can do it maggie!

Livi said...

I love how you use Catch 22 intermittently throughout your blogs after your Catch 22 post.... :)