Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog Tog, Blag Tag

So... I've been "blog tagged" by my friend Jonathan. Here's the mission shall I choose to accept it: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 random facts; 1 girl; 1 blog; no tomorrow.  

3 Joys:  
1. A well-placed f-word (not from me, but maybe in a movie or something)
2. Sweet, sweet revenge
3. Free laundry, otherwise known as the "on your honor" dryer in my house that runs without actually insterting quarters, but instead provides a bin where the "honesty" quarters are kept. I think I found some lint and a couple nickels in there once. (sounding pretty righteous so far. Thanks Jonathan.)

3 fears:  
1. Waking up with a dead centipede in between my fingers... again
2. That I might someday take my blog tag seriously, thus revealing my true, less-likable personality
3. That someone might make me choose between performing an interpretive dance to Vitamin C's graduation song in front of my peers or death and then that I'll choose death.

3 goals: 
1. To find a man who knows my mind as well as Google: no, that's not what I said but yes, that's what I meant.
2. To run again. At all.
3. To be the face that starts World War Three: eat your heart out Helen of Troy

3 random facts: 
1. I don't usually do the dishes unless someone is watching.  
2. When I was younger I went into business with myself selling grocery store candy bars for five dollars to my neighbors. My first client asked me what I was selling them for. I said church. He didn't buy any. I learned two lessons from this entrepreneurial experiment: a. Growing up middle-class with a thirst for tamagotchis turns children into liars and b. lying about church turns neighbors into Anti-Mormons.
3. I love Jonathan Griffith!


Bethany'sBazodi said...

ha ha & HA! The days of tamagatchis. I had an art sale to earn money...i let them name their price, and i still sold nothing. ALso I tried to sell rocks at a family reunion in the woods once.

jonny said...

tamagatchis? seriously? i guess one grade makes all the difference in elementary school. i missed out on that one.