Sunday, July 13, 2008

Linear Tension

It seems like in the last twenty years or so that lines of good and bad, clear and confusing, do's and don'ts have become so blurred that we don't know what is good for us anymore.

After the wall fell down and the cold war had finally come to a close, America had one, maybe two years of blissful peace.  The bad guys and the good guys became friends.  The fear of communism and nuclear holocausts had been squelched.  Why didn't it last though?  Why didn't my generation ever get to experience this?  Why didn't America--and the world--follow the universally heard sigh of relief with decades of happy peace?  Because the clear enemy had been blurred and people got scared. 

For almost fifty years, we--along with most everyone else--knew who the good guys were, and who the bad guys were.  They even had a name:  communists.  It was great.  "You stay over there under the banner of 'bad' and we'll stand over here under our banner of 'good,' we'll flex our nuclear arms at each other (that we both know we won't use) and at the end of the decade, we'll shake hands and call each other and talk about Berlin."  Those were the days.   

Now things aren't quite so easy.  With the consummation of the cold war came an identity crisis for America.  Because what is Batman without Joker?  Nothing.  He's just an overly manicured stud in a ridiculous costume rescuing attractive women from burning buildings.  Well we have firemen for that.  No one likes a good-looking hero unless he is saving the world.

Finding a Bad Guy

So we had to find a new arch nemesis and his name is terrorism, and he's about as abstract as Pollock. He doesn't have a country, or even a clear definition.  In fact, the definition of terrorism stands as "a person who terrorizes or frightens others."  So, by definition, my Professor when she told me the only way I was going to get a B in her class was to get a 100% on my final, was committing terrorism.  Well put campus on code red and invade the Ricks building.  

The point is, is that I miss the good ol' days of the cold war.  Worldwide tension that came served like a chilled drink with a side of better economics.  A world where batman is sexy and useful, but most of all, a world where the lines between good and bad are as clear as a curtain... maybe even one made out of iron or something.  


Bethany'sBazodi said...

28 witty points
20 sassy points
30 appropriate pop culture/cold war analogy points
22 funny points for BYUI going red

GRAND TOTAL 100 points
Perfect way to start my Monday morning

Bless you

Kristine said...

great observations and thoughts maggie!

mattb said...

very well put.
i'm sure dr. ARM would be proud of the connections you have drawn between our lecture today and your personal life...even if it means she was committing terrorism.

mattb said...

I just wanted to say that once again, you amaze me. I am rendered speachless and cannot express my gratitude for your charm.

Not Matt Briney, but your biggest fan

Ps... I can't wait for your book to come out.

Livi said...

So now that we've officially met I feel less like a stalker posting on your blog!! I read it all the time and I lvoe it. Good point - what is a terrorist...? Have you ever seen V for vendetta. You're cool. Rock on.