Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Damn Marathon

10 Things I might rather do than run 13.1 consecutive miles:

10.  Be Warren Jeffs' least favorite wife
9.  Floss on a regular basis
8.  Live as a "cat lady" for an entire year
7.  Pick up a bad habit, quit, then join a support group... all in under 21 days
6.  Re-do puberty
5.  Wear Listerine strips as contacts for a day
4.  Part with my inhaler
3.  Go freegan 
2.  Watch American Pie III again... with my grandma
1.  Lose at Mario Kart 

I just signed up for the Teton Dam half-marathon... wish me luck


Kristine said...

What were we thinking when we signed up for this half marathon thing. We crazy!

wanna go to the gym?

bob & trina said...

Being Warren Jeff's most favorite wife would be even worse.

Watch it with the cat lady remarks.

Now I know what freegan means, thanks.

You are such a hoot! Love ya! And good luck.

Nate said...

me too!! let's train!

holli hale said...

your post is hilarious, and surprising. You guys inspire me. Sadly, I have absolutely no spark of motivation to run long distances, but I think ya'll are souljas.

Mallory said...

Maggie, the more I learn about you, the more I think we should have been friends in another life... or just this one.

Willard said...

hard to pick a favorite..all five are soooo good