Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Ablogogies

Having friends who blog, we frequently run into blog pop quizzes don't we?  Testing our loyalty to our friends' lives and stories.  A conversation will be taking place and then, bam! "... but you already know that story, it was in my blog..."  -Oh yeah, that one, with the... hey!  Amelia Erhart!  I found her!
Or sometimes the occasional, I went to Spain last month, did you read my blog about it?  -Spain, Spain, quick say anything about Spain!  Yeah, that trip where you heard lots of Spanish. Great blog.

Usually these conversations end with me excusing myself to my dear friends that I have been busy lately and really do enjoy and read their blogs.  It also consists of me reciting previous blogs that I have read just to prove the point:  -Oh haven't caught the Spain blog yet, I've been so busy, but was it as good as your trip to Salt Lake? You know, when you lost half your money but that Mormon returned it to you, with an extra five? 
This process is similar to a pop quiz given in a class I really do love, but for some reason have missed the readings:  reasons for which 'busy-ness' is really no excuse.  

So, today, I want to send my apologies to the blogging world.  I have read all blogs I have missed and vow (because I want to, not because I feel obligated to do so) to keep updated on all of my charming, blogging friends.  Mary, I saw that you tagged me in a blog, and I intend on imminent response.  Kristine, I hope you have lots of fun in California with Jane; Jane, thank you for that misleading wedding photo of Christian and me; and Jess: I fell for the same April Fool's joke, you're in good company.  Or at least gullible, but optimistic company.  How's that for an A+ quiz?


Mary Jo said...

thanks for letting me make the list of "top 4 favorite people," and i know you read more blogs than that...

Robyn & Co. said...

Yay for a funny new article... I laughed so hard because it is SO true. Randomly, yours is the only blog that I check pretty regularly... creepy? maybe.
love, Robyn (Jessica's sister)