Sunday, April 26, 2009

Road Trip

There is probably a lesson to be learned with every experience in life right? A road trip certainly is not exempt from this force-fed life maxim. Here are a few gems I got from driving from California back to Salt Lake:

1. Turns out I don't know all the lyrics to Aretha's "I Will Survive." I did not see that one coming.

2. Not knowing lyrics does not stop me from being so desperate for a match that I'm not only a couple seconds behind the song, but also shouting nonsense from the top of my lungs.

3. 6 bran muffins is a lot.

4. 1 hour > 10 hours, when that hour wasn't accounted for in the itinerary. Thanks Mountain Standard time.

5. Nothing makes me think deeper about life than a GPS on a road trip. The parallels are almost limitless



Tony said...

I always think that people who know all the lyrics to songs are misappropriating their brain. Like can't they fill their minds with better things, like brilliant ideas of how to change the world? No, because their brains are already full with song lyrics.

shauna.m. said...

what life keeps hitting u in the knee?

Shake'N'Blake said...

Maggie you got the picture from a tumblr! make the switch already

nicole boice said...

number one is cracking me up

Christian said...

Sorry I got to correct you on this one but Aretha Franklin didn't sing "I Will Survive." It was Gloria Gaynor. It may have been a version by Aretha but she was not the original artist. A little research goes a long way you know. Jk Jk.