Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I was walking past a crowd of popular homeless people when one stopped and proposed to me. I pretended like I didn't care, and he pretended like he was actually asking for a dollar, you know, that old game of cat and mouse, but ever since then there has been this tension on the corner of 1st and 3rd. You know, I walk past and see him... looking at me... looking at him.

I know what you're thinking, me... a lawyer, with him... a peasant??? But if there is anything this pseudo relationship has taught me is that romanticism is alive, and if you don't believe me, believe the coast of Somalia who has resurrected not only treasure and adventure but PIRACY. Just leave it to this guy, (who is suing pirates) to take the days of yore and pervert it with 21st century disgrace like lawsuits and "emotional trauma." It's pirates. The only emotion that should be felt is sheer elation to have been chosen at all.

I just think that more people should adopt old this romanticism into their lives. Maybe fall in love with a homeless man... or pirate your next lawsuit... I don't know for sure, but it might just make everyone a little bit happier.


Livi said...

reminds me of the beggar in Florence who purposely twisted his leg for pity and then simultaneously hit on us girls on the way to school

Andy said...

There are "popular" homeless people?! haha

William Reger said...

These Somalians are amateurs. If you ever want to really learn the art of piracy, you should do an internship with the Alliance for Pirate Education, Scholarships, Honors Internships and Training. Yeah, if you want to be a pirate, baby, you need to go APESHIT!