Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kick Me!

I've only been in Utah a week and so far my experience has depended heavily on impressions I've been making (due to interviewing, meeting new people, etc.). Thus, I have taken a more careful notice of the way other people have been impressing me.

Case one: A girl at church had curled her hair in typical Utah fashion and was dressed nice, etc. All credibility was lost as soon as she turned around to reveal one thick, straight piece of hair that had missed her curling iron. And here I thought your hair curled naturally in orderly little curls like that!

Case two: I was driving on the freeway behind a car who had his blinker on for 7.2 miles. (I know the exact mileage because of my trusty GPS*) He may have been a smart man, who knows, but I wouldn't hire him after flashing 7.2 miles of his own unrecognized carelessness.

Case three: I was driving past a group of elementary school kids today and while none of them had signs on their backs, it just reminded me of those horrid 'kick me,' 'I'm a loser' or 'I'm HIV positive' signs that kids paste to some poor child's shirt, and I realized: there's nothing worse/more humiliating than that. Not even being yelled and cursed at 37 times (caution OBSCENE amounts of swearing in this link) by a mega superstar during the production of Terminator...Christian Bale.

So when trying to make a good impression on a potential friend, job, or lover, my experience/recommendation is this: Before you check your make-up, mind, or heart, check your back. Because it's not what's on the outside or the inside, but what's behind you that really counts.

*There is no chance I will love any of my future children more than my GPS... Caveat: maybe when they're babies and toddlers, or adults, but definitely not during the 'awkward' phases.


Kristine said...

i covet your gps.

i am so happy you are here! best roommate ever.

and i love that i can laugh with you at all the silly things that happen in our lives.

shauna.m. said...

im so excited to read this ...cuz i love the concept of whats behind us is waht counts...its my good side

Krista & Tyler said...

margaret, welcome to slc! im so happy you're here! lets all play sometime. love this post, and christian bale's lack of intelligence in not being able to find any other adjectives to describe how he's feeling-lol-you might want to look into being his personal assistant. you are rad.

Holli said...

maggie! I want to see you guys. I'm just a hop and a skip and a jump away in Provo...

Shake'N'Blake said...

wow and that is only the superficial things just wait until people start talking to you there are all sorts of things you can be "aware of"

the quotes are of course me referring to you judging people