Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Greatest Sacrifice

Some might say that giving birth and raising a child is the most selfless thing a woman can do in this life. But I think something is getting overlooked here. A friend of mine from London (who is Australian) came to visit me in "Chicago" where I'm from for a few days. I understand that childbirth might be hard, but hostesses are certainly not getting enough credit for being a top competitor on the selfless scale.

You think you are losing sleep because of your newborn? Well try pretending like you're not the kind of American who sleeps until ten. How's that for a disrupted schedule?

Not to mention my social life. Maybe it's hard for new mothers to be able to spend time with their husbands but I have texts to answer! Very important texts from men who don't call or come around so I depend on these texts to provide me with false hope and potential emotionally abusive relationships (fingers crossed). And the life I am in charge of doesn't nap. I had to send the Aussie to find Velveeta cheese in the Super Wal-Mart buying me a guaranteed 15 minutes to squeeze in a few texts (God bless over-sized American warehouse shopping and foreign-to-Europeans synthetic cheese).

Don't get me wrong, I love my guest as much as any postpartum depressed mother "loves" her newborn, but I would like some credit for my selfless sacrifices. Sure diapers are expensive but so is driving back and forth to the airport.

So go ahead, mothers of the world, soak up all the martyrdom while "giving life," I'll just be over here, the silent American ambassador, making peace with the world by driving to Chicago for the third time this week.


McDirty said...

I got yer emotionally abusive relationship right here...where's my sandwich?!

Krista & Tyler said...

Maggie. That is the funniest post. And I can totally understand where you're coming from. hahaha When are you moving to salt lake!? come soon!

Megs said...

I think the Australian is awesome and you were lucky to have her stay.

Hil said...

Dear Postpartum mother.

I hope your "depression" from having an absolutely amazing girl take time out of her busy trip to America (for the first time!) to come and see someone she thought was a friend is easing.

I also had the pleasure of having "the Aussie" come stay with me in California for two weeks during the Christmas holiday. During her stay there, my mother ended up in the hospital and the entire family went into crisis mode. Interestingly enough our Australian friend was not only easy to have around during that difficult time, but was an amazing support and friend. In fact our friend from downunder offered a good break from the doldrums of life: waiting for texts from mediocre men and pretending that I had that my social life was something to be happy about... oh wait that was you.
I Love you Larissa! Please Come Back!!!!