Wednesday, November 12, 2008

St. Crispin's Day in the Kitchen

Today I was making dinner (making chicken salad sandwiches from the store) with my roommate Mary in the kitchen, lamenting-as always-about graduation. I told her how I was going to miss doing work for myself: writing my own papers, reviewing my work, working on projects that would have my name on it... you know... all the selfish qualms that come with being a 22-year-old student with no family.

So, to put things in perspective Mary gave me this gem of insight, a "Band of Brothers" speech if you will:

"No. You're actually going to be making money for the work you do. Instead of coming home and wondering whether to make yourself chicken salad or Ramen; you're going to take yourself out to dinner! You're not going to live with a roommate who sticks her shoes under the fridge, (another blog for another time) you're going to live with maybe one other girl. And you can have a man in your bed every night if you damn well please!"

Now if that doesn't motivate me to find a good career, I don't know what will.

Thanks Mary

Caveat: On account of my impeccable memory for detail and the fact that I wrote every word of this down right after she said it means that it's verbatim and completely unrehearsed. The best always are.


Jane said...

Oh mary is the best. what great insight. you know what though...(not that I'm some college alumni pro or anything) but I think the best part of college is the conversations i had with roommates. those are the memories I'll keep forever. The one's happening right in the kitchen or sitting on beds. i miss you mags.

holli hale said...

Wow. I love Mary. She is great for pep talks.

neil said...

M-Fran. K-Pear told me that I should read your blog because it is funny, which kind of implies that she doesn't think my funny production is sufficient for my funny consumption. Like I'm in a funny deficit. Which isn't true, and really is kind of an insult. I don't NEED funny. In fact, I didn't laugh at all during the decade between 1992 and 2003. I was fine. Actually, now that we are talking about it, I think I may just repeat that decade of Emo.

Either way, I have high expectations and I thought it was only fair that you were aware of them so in the case that you disappoint you could rightly be held accountable for it. Thanks.