Saturday, July 17, 2010


I just got back from a run that was probably too long and too hot, but worth it in the end when on the sidewalk during my last stretch, I saw a gummy worm that my brain simultaneously told me was both a green and red gummy worm, and also slithering across the cement toward my feet. And for three and a half seconds, I was just as mentally handicapped as any schizophrenic Sunday dinner-guest. Or any member of the cast of Felicity. Either way, it was awesome. And I giggled the rest of the way home.

On an unrelated, or quite possibly more related than any of us could know, note, I saw the movie Inception last night and, my word, I recommend it with my entire heart and all three levels of my subconscious.


(i'n a kakie) said...

hey you saw that movie you were wanting to see...and you gave it ten grades higher than a B!

(yes i've been doing this all night and day and night. thanks.)

m.a.f said...

oh man, this is hilarious (the cast of felicity?) you're brilliant!

i can't wait to see inception, glad you liked it!

and i didn't know about the full moon rides so thank you, thank you for passing on the link!

m.a.f said...

like souls burning in hell, indeed--oh man that was just the laugh i needed today. and i would LOVE to play in slc with you!