Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm graduating Friday and there are just a few quirks and idiosyncrasies that I'll miss about this place. Both were coincidentally demonstrated on my way to, and then during my class this morning.

Way to class: Meek girl walking while reading Twilight. The ever-famous dragon series, Eragon was tucked under her other arm and archery arrows were coming out of her backpack.

During class: I'm grading a student's argumentative paper for my teacher about college drinking. His argument was that a national curfew should be implemented into universities nation-wide to eliminate (yes eliminate) college drinking. His sources? His parents and a bartender at Applebee's.

Where else will you find this kind of innocence?


Livi said...


Kristine said...

oh my. those archary students are GEEKS...and i love them for that. the innocence at byui...priceless.


holli hale said...

bless their souls.

filip said...

Love it... it is about time both you and I get out of here as precious as it is.

Today I was chewed out by some guy in my philosophy class because I told him I believe in human evolution. I guess I'm a sinner.

Oh yeah, he told me I need to read books and heed the prophecies of the prophets as well... all this and he didn't even know my first name.

Andy said...

I really hope you failed that student for writing such a blasphemous paper.

mattb said...

Kind of like the medieval knights that fight with broomsticks and cardboard swords on the lawn by the spori.
I pray for them.