Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Am Legend: Movie Review?

Well, it was the last saturday in Rexburg, most of the city had left so it was APRAPOS (I have to make sure and spell this word right since apparently it has been copyrighted) that we go watch a movie about the last man in New York City. It's sort of like being the last people in Rexburg... Cars are abandonded in parking lots... The only people in video stores are cardboard cutouts... Grass is growing through the nearly undrivable roads (This has less to do with being the last people in Rexburg and more to do with crappy road repair.) So needless to say, I felt real empathy for Will Smith, once again, left to save the human race... On. His. Own. I didn't know quite what I was signing up for when I bought a ticket for this movie. I had trouble breathing at parts and worried that PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) would hit the moment I left but all in all, I recommend.
Favorite part of the movie: When my friend Sarah leaned over to me and said, "This must really hit home for you since you lived in New York for 3 days." Nothing like real life commentary.
Least favorite part of the movie: Not that I'm a car person... but I took Auto 100 and I'm sorry but really Dr. Neville? Out of an entire city of abandoned cars you chose a Mustang and a Ford Ranger? This isn't your prom... and you don't live in central Illinois. Hang on.... Could you guys have been sponsored by Ford??
What I would have done differently: Well there are a few scenes where Dr. Neville is running on a treadmill, doing pull-ups with his shirt off, etc. I'm not sure I would be so productive being the last person on earth. I'd probably gain a few lbs, catch up on some of the movies I'd like to see, and then maybe just go talk to some of the zombies, because you could really tell that underneath the fangs, transluscent skin and scabs, they are really just chocolate-covered teddy bears, ready to just melt in your mouth.

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