Tuesday, October 30, 2007


To begin my blogging experience, I think it is appropriate (in the name of irony) to begin with a death; a death of the over-used and retired phrase, "You go girl." We have all, in one point or another, used this embarrassing phrase, whether it was a part of our culutre or not. And here it is, something I have done before, but am re-creating now: my eulogy of the phrase, "You go girl."

We now put to rest, "you go girl." You were a phrase born in the heart of ghetto and soul. You encouraged many to break up with unworthy boyfriends and inspired groups of women in hand-on-hip fashion;but you didn't stop there. You bridged the racial gap when millions started shouting your phrase on affluent soccer fields filled with blonde pigtails and soccer moms. You were born in the projects, raised in a multi-cultural society, and died with middle-aged white women in weight watchers meetings. You... are an inspiration to us all. As we remember you, we remember your life and how you lived it: You came girl, you went girl, and now, you too, must go girl.


Low Gain said...

I've now officially read every blog of yours, Maggleby Fresh. If ever I doubted that you could be so funny, witty, intelligent, creative and sharp as I know plainly see you are, I humbly apologize. You're incredible, and I truly feel you need to search out a publisher. You are a gem among little small rocks.

barret said...

your biggest fan "in your boat" told me about you.

sometimes when i get compliments from complete strangers it is empty and i don't pay much attention to it. and i take that into consideration as i write this, but your blog is too good to not say anything.

and this post is great in so many ways.

Low Gain speaks/types the truth: you ARE a gem.